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Books in various stages of editing:

CONTEMPORARY:  Keeper of Secrets

Contemporary Fiction

90,000 words

No one knows the whole truth about Margot Aleena Renard McCann.  But everyone thinks they do.

Victoria, Margot’s best friend, has heard the crazy, exaggerated accounts of Margot’s past.

William, Margot’s beloved husband, knows the deep, dark truth regarding the paternity of their son Alex.

James, Margot’s ex-fiancée, knows that he’s been kept from the knowledge of his son for the past ten years.

Alex, Margot’s son, knows that things at home are in a very bad way.

Despite the mess she’s gotten herself into, Margot believes in miracles and is determined to make everything right.

Even if it’s the last thing she ever does.

NONFICTION:  Old Testament 101

Nonfiction Bible Study

An overview of the Old Testament - with timelines and personality profiles - ideal for beginners!!

NONFICTION:  The Parables of Jesus

Nonfiction Bible Study

A workbook that is an ideal complement to the study of the many parables of Jesus.
My Newest Project:  God's Phoenix Woman

God’s Phoenix Women…

  • Know the power God's Transformation.
  • Feel the perfection of God’s Peace.
  • Rely on the superiority of God’s Plan.
  • Enjoy the magnitude of God’s Blessings.
  • Are powerful, capable, unflappable women after God's own heart.
  • Accept that they are the best person for the job.
  • Face the future prepared rather than scared.
  • Have grasped hold of God's promise of strength in weakness.
  • Live lives that are a product of faith rather than coincidence.
  • Have the triumphant life.

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