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Best places (best prices) for buying my print books:

1.   My Personal Storefront

I'm self publish and my books print on demand.  That means they don't get printed until someone pays to have one printed.  This is the actual website from where my books are printed.  If you order from any other place any where on the web it comes from here FIRST.  Shipping is usually about $3.50.  There are often monthly coupon specials. Try checking out Retail Me Not which offers lots a good promo codes to get $ off your order.  Recently, I've switched publishers so my newest books will not be offered here.  Sorry.


2.  Amazon

 All my books are available on Amazon and if you have an Amazon Prime account the shipping is free.  Can't beat that.  (Anyone who orders over $25 gets free shipping.)

3.  Barnes & Noble

 All my books are available on Barnes & Noble.  Orders over $25 get you free shipping.

4.  Ebay and Other Book Sites

Don't bother.  They DON'T have copies of my books and only order through my personal storefront.  You won't get any deals.  Honest.


Computer or Ereader!

All my ebooks are economically priced ranging from $5-$10 and I have tried to keep all prices consistent regardless of where they are for sale.

I have helpful tips on my blog.

1.  My Personal Storefront

This is the actual website from where my books are printed.  When I chose the electronic download option years ago I didn't even know what it meant!  (Ha.)  Back in the dark ages of ebook printing they let you publish your book electronically for free.  Now they charge me extra and I don't bother.  My newer books (published after 2011) are not available electronically here.  I would advise you to go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble as the prices are the same at all sites. 

2.  Kindle

Yeah Kindle!  My ereader of choice.  You can download the Kindle reading app FREE to your computer or smart phone.

3.  Nook

You can download the Nook reading app FREE to your computer.

4.  Sony E Readers, Etc.

.pdf files are available and should be downloaded from my personal storefront (#1 above).


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