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Susan McGeown

Author, Speaker, & Teacher



Big Black Arrows

Posted by Susan McGeown on 23 December, 2017 at 21:25 Comments comments (0)

I don’t know what the right choice is, Lord. I don’t know what direction you want me to take. I am so confused and uncertain. I am always afraid I am going to make the wrong choice. Help me, Lord. I’ll do anything You need me to do and go anywhere You want me to go. Please, just paint big, black arrows on the ground and I’ll follow them.

Over the course of my life, since I’ve been asking for them, I’ve had many big, black arrows. I&...

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On Being Thanksful

Posted by Susan McGeown on 23 December, 2017 at 21:20 Comments comments (0)

I was raised in a Christian home: Sunday school every Sunday, church service on Sunday night, prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. I made a profession of faith at the age ofe ight and still at my current age of fifty-two it stands out as the defining moment for me spiritually.


By my early twenties, I had an education, a career, a job, and had even published a book … but God had not let me achieve the one thing in life that I really, truly wanted...

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Posted by Susan McGeown on 3 August, 2013 at 11:10 Comments comments (0)


Most of us know what this strange looking collection of letters means but for those who don’t it’s the texting equivalent to the expression, “Oh my God!”  From the first moment that I was asked to preach, I’ve known I wanted to talk about the phrase, “Oh my God!”

Being a little Baptist girl, I grew up with a healthy respect for the phrase, “Oh my God!”  “Thou sh...

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Why Do I Pray?

Posted by Susan McGeown on 19 September, 2012 at 10:40 Comments comments (2)

I was asked to do the women's devotional at the fall women's breakfast at our church.  Here it is.

My heart has heard God say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

Psalm 27:8 NL...

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