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Susan McGeown

Author, Speaker, & Teacher



Me & Contests: Hysterical Together

Posted by Susan McGeown on 28 October, 2010 at 7:55 Comments comments (7)



So, when I found out I was a finalist in the 2008 Golden Rose Contest in the category "Novel With Romantic Elements" for Rosamund's Bower I was so excited I couldn't stand myself.  When the winners were finally announced there were four names listed and three award categories: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. I was the fourth name.  Alone in my office I fought back my disappointment and tried to remind myself how great it was that I even finaled...

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Christian Fiction and Me

Posted by Susan McGeown on 16 May, 2010 at 16:45 Comments comments (3)

I didn’t set out to be categorized as a Christian fiction author.  In fact,when pressed to admit it, I don’t really enjoy reading Christian fiction that much so why would I want to be associated with it? Christian fiction, in case you don’t know, is fiction writing which promotes the Christian faith and its tenants. Even more importantly for me, Christian fiction almost always follows the guidelines set down by Chris...

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On Being A Woman After God's Own Heart

Posted by Susan McGeown on 10 January, 2010 at 16:35 Comments comments (0)

I am a writer of inspirational fiction:  realistic, believable stories that acknowledge the existence of worldly temptations and despairs, while at the same time using Biblical truths as solutions and encouragement for success.  My stories tell of life like it is, offer hope that things can be better; and admonish while they inspire. 

People often ask me where I get my ideas.  The easy answer ...

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Rosamund's Bower

Posted by Susan McGeown on 13 December, 2009 at 15:31 Comments comments (0)

For more information on this book, please see my NEWS! page:  "Where Did Rosamund's Bower Go?"

My son wanted a book about knights. I made Rosamund's Bower as "knightish"as I could, but the reality – that it is an historical fiction romance – kind of misses the direction my son was hoping for!  Historical fiction stories always have a truckload of harsh realities to work with: arranged marriages for power a...

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What My Books Are All About

Posted by Susan McGeown on 13 December, 2009 at 15:13 Comments comments (0)

My books are meant to inspire. Hopefully make you smile and feel encouraged. Perhaps make you think a bit about yourself, your life, and your relationships. It is my sincere hope that by spending your valuable time reading my stories, you will gain some insight into yourself and your relationship with God. Perhaps your life's perspective may change a bit for the better?

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My Logo

Posted by Susan McGeown on 13 December, 2009 at 15:08 Comments comments (0)

I tried for years to get an agent or sign on with a publishing house.  YEARS.  In the end, with the Lord's clear guidance, I decided to go the self publishing route.

When it came time to form my publishing company, the name - Faith Inspired Books - came quite easily. I believe firmly that each and every one of my stories is a special b...

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