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Susan McGeown

Author, Speaker, & Teacher



Worst Moments & Saving Faith

Posted by Susan McGeown on 23 December, 2017 at 21:15

Almost everyone living in the real world knows that the concept of “the worst moment of my life” is a lie. More accurately, we accumulate worst moments over the course of our existence like a collection of nasty pearls on a necklace that is permanently strung around our necks. By their very definition, ‘worst moments’ get bigger and badder as life progresses eclipsing the one before it until we find ourselves walking around with a horrid collection of memories weighing us down like a ton of bricks. And fearing the next inevitable replacement.


In fact, identifying something as ‘the worst moment’ puts us on a path destined for disaster and misery. It is a morbid challenge in the face of life here on earth: Can you top this? And real life guarantees us that it will eventually accommodate.


How do you cope with worst moments? Are you the fierce but battered warrior standing guard ready for the next, inevitable blow? Are you the huddled, trembling victim desperately hoping for rescue or escape? Or are you the clueless young woman walking hesitantly down the long, dark stairway while everyone around you is screaming, “Don’t go down there you idiot!!”


Personal coping mechanisms come in all shapes and sizes: chemical dependencies, mental and emotional breakdowns, intellectual rationalizations, spiritual explanations, and lucky charms to name a few. For many people, their entire life revolves around jumping from one coping technique to another in the earnest desire to … survive … the worst moments of their lives. Oh, if we could only make them disappear!


God offers another option for coping with life’s worst moments: victory. That’s what God’s Phoenix Woman is all about. It is about recognizing that the same miraculous power documented in the Old and New Testament is available – now, today – to us. And the only thing that has changed to prevent such things from happening is us. Over and over again, the promiseof “strength in weakness”[ii],“mighty power”[iii],“godly peace”[iv], and “perfect life plans”[v] are assured to all believers yet we regularly live as if we don’t believe them to be true. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could reach a point in your life where your worst moments became absolutely critical components to incredible victory? What if you reached a point in your life where you no longer wished that your worst moments would disappear but in fact recognized their critical necessity in creating the dynamic woman that you are today? How incredible would it be that at some point over the course of your life you would be able to look back at those worst moments and find their positive force?


God earnestly desires this for you. He wants you to rise from the ashes of your life as a strong, vital, victorious participant in His Plan. And yet, in His great love He will not force us; it is our choice to obey … or not.


God’s instructions on how to achieve all this are simple enough that even a child can understand it. (In fact, they often get it quicker than we adults.) There is no luck involve, nor is there favoritism. The only qualification is willingness. Additionally, the cost is affordable (free) and success guarantee has a proven track record of positive results which span centuries.


It is a personal decision of living by random coincidence or saving faith. Which would you want to risk your life on?


No matter how different, no matter how separated by language, culture or time, there is one specific thing that every single one of God’s Phoenix Women have in common: a saving faith. You either have it or you don’t - there are no grey areas.


Simple Steps to Saving Faith:


1. Death. (If you don’t want to die, go to #2.)


2. Believe in God. (If you don’t want to believe this go back to #1. If you do want to believe this, go to #3.)


3. Believe in God’s Word – AKA the Bible. (If you don’t want to believe this go back to #1. If you do want to do this, go to #4.)


4. Believethat Jesus is God’s Son. (If you don’twant to believe this go back to #1. Ifyou do want to do this, go to #5.)


5. Believe that you are not perfect and do not, on your own good looks and scintillating personality, get deserve to get into heaven. (If you don’t want to believe this go back to #1. If you do want to do this, go to #6.)


6. Believethat whether you’re willing to admit it or not or whether anyone knows about itor not, you have done things that would make God severely unhappy with you –AKA confess you are a sinner. (If you don’t want to believe this go backto #1. If you do want to do this, go to#7.)


7. Believe that Jesus, out of His great love and care for you, endured every punishment you specifically deserved so that you could become blameless before God. (If you don’t want to believe this go back to #1. If you do want to do this, go to #8.)


8. Ask Jesus to become The Center of your life. (If you don’t want to do this go back to #1. If you do want to do this, go to #9.)


9. Recognize that you are now God’s Own, signed and sealed by Jesus’ great love and sacrifice, comforted and cared for 24-7 by God’s Spirit on earth. (If you don’t want to believe this go back to #1. If you do want to do this, go to #10.)


10. Get busy becoming God’s Phoenix Woman. (Instructions to follow.)


The Bible is full of men and women whose entire faith journeys – the good, the bad, and the ugly – are documented in black and white for us to read. Some were great examples and some were … horrible warnings. In the book of Hebrews, chapter eleven details the ‘Heroes of Faith’ from the Old Testament. It starts out by answering the question, “What is faith?” Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.[vi] The chapter is a Who’s Who of people who got a gold star from God for their faithful performance of life on earth. The whole book of Hebrews talks a lot about faith. The author (maybe Paul, maybe not– scholars are still debating that) wrote to Jews - God’s chosen people - and went to a lot of time and trouble to explain some of the key points of saving faith and how it needed to be distinguished from the Hebrew faith. If you have never read Hebrews chapter eleven, you should.


In the entire chapter only two women are specifically mentioned: Rahab and Sarah. Two other women are alluded to: Jochebed (Moses’ mom) and an unnamed woman during the Prophet Elisha’s time known as the Shunammite Woman (she was from the town of Shunem). These diverse women were a perfect cross section of the women that existed during Old Testament times: believers and nonbelievers, rich and poor, slave and free, whore and socialite, princess and commoner.


And like most biblical personalities, a direct correlation can be made between them and us.


Rahab was a whore, Sarah was a princess, Jochebed was a slave, and the Shunammite Woman was the town socialite. Each one of them heard God’s call and made the personal choice to follow. As a result, the lessons of their life were documented for us to read and learn from.


Are you curious as to which one you will connect to? It might surprise you, but I pray that you bond with all of them. Through their stories we will learn of the power of God’s transformation, the superiority of God’s plan, the perfection of God’s peace, and the magnitude ofGod’s blessings. Available to each and every one of us, we often fail to make the most of these precious gifts from God. Becoming God’s Phoenix Woman seeks to change all that.


Come and be a part of this blessed community of believing women.



[i] Dante Gabriel Rossettiquotes


[ii]2 Corinthians 12:9


[iii]Ephesians 1:19


[iv]I Corinthians 14:33


[v]I Corinthians 1:25


[vi]Hebrews 11:1 NLT


Categories: Empowerment, Depression & Anxiety

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