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Susan McGeown

Author, Speaker, & Teacher

Bible Study Books

The wisest mind has something yet to learn. (George Santayana)


God's very good to me.

He's provided the opportunity, the ability, and the resources for me to study The Bible to my heart's content.


This page is dedicated to these studies. Some I have published and some I have not.


Published books are below with prices shown and links to where they can be purchased.


I also have an extensive collection of free, printable notes that anyone is welcome to. Those can be accessed on my Printable Notes page. Enjoy!

Rise of the Mighty

A study of the biblical book of Acts


A study of the book of the Acts of the Apostles ... and what it promises for all who believe. This book is an excellent complement to anyone who is reading the exciting events Luke carefully recorded in New Testament book of Acts. It provides in depth information about the culture, people, customs, and religious aspects of the time following the accounts of the Acts of the Apostles chapter by chapter. From Epicurean Philosophy to the inception of the derogatory term ‘Christian’ to Kandake the Queen of Ethiopia and beyond!

Biblical Woman and Who They Hooked Up With


Fact: Every relationship in your life past, present, and future is directly related to the state of your heart. Let's take some time to examine the state of your heart: do a little thoughtful introspection, examine the quality of your heart, realign your priorities, begin to fix what's broken, strengthen what's weak, find what's lost and make God smile a bit.

Let me introduce you to:


  • Eve and The Only Guy On The Planet - A Heart of Perfection.
  • Sarah and The Guy She Was With For One Hundred Years - A Heart Of Patience.
  • Leah and Her Sister's Husband - A Heart Of Self Confidence.
  • Tamar and The Guy She Picked Up on The Side of The Road - A Heart Of Strength.
  • Rahab and The Guy Who Got It For Free - A Heart Of Belief.
  • Bathsheba and The Guy Who Didn't Give Her Much Choice - A Heart Of Trust.
  • Mary and the Perfect One - A Heart Of Obedience.
  • Realize what is at the heart of the matter - A Heart Committed To God.

C.S. Lewis & Me

Mere Christianity: Told In Pictures


During Sue's reading and studying of C.S. Lewis' marvelous book Mere Christianity she discovered that much of her notes were filled with crude drawings she'd made based on C.S. Lewis' excellent explanations of key Christian principles. She got thinking, could she teach a Bible study on the book using only pictures? Here's the result!


This book includes direct quotes from Mere Christianity, pictures, and study questions written by Sue McGeown.


PLEASE NOTE: NO Royalties are received for this book!

Colossians: Walking in Wisdom

A study of the biblical book of Colossians


A study in the New Testament book of Colossians. Chapter by chapter explore the letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to the church of Colossae. Get to know the culture of the times, the struggles the church faced, and Paul's wise advice on how to walk in the wisdom that is the truth of Jesus Christ. Questions both for group discussion as well as personal reflection are included to help apply this to our own lives. What things are worth praying for? What are the keys to success for believers? What does new life in Christ mean? Also included in an appendix which compares many of the major religions of today with Christianity.

Believe & Obey

A study of the biblical book of Romans and what Christians believe


What do you believe as a Christian? Using the biblical book of Romans, we'll explore many of the concepts of Christianity that many have heard but haven't always understood. Draw your God-line and then study further about human nature, sin, faith, grace, election, forgiveness, submission, Jesus' death and resurrection, salvation, redemption, propitiation, righteousness, justification, sanctification, freedom, heaven, and glorification.

Prayer & Me


A study in Christian prayer: the proper attitude, the right kind of requests, the Holy Spirit's influence, how it should coincide with God's Will and much more.


Included in this study are numerous examples of biblical prayer, a detailed examination of the Lord’s Prayer, and a personal survey to evaluate your prayer life’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Jerusalem Times: The Chosen Twelve

A study of the twelve chosen apostles


Be an eyewitness to Holy Week! Jerusalem Time presents an unbiased focus on the Twelve Apostles so you can determine the truth for yourself! Are they spiritual leaders or false prophets? This individual or group Bible study offers a entertaining way to study Holy Week - the week leading up to Jesus of Nazareth crucifixion. Told in the style of a weekly magazine, readers will enjoy learning about a familiar Bible event from a totally new perspective.


Once upon a time I got wondering. If People® or Time® or USA Today® had been around during Jesus’ time, what would those publications have looked like? What events would they have focused on and which people would the paparazzi have followed? Those thoughts were the impetus behind this latest Bible study project of mine. Intended first and foremost to be factually informative and scripturally accurate, I’ve added a bit of fancy and whimsy which I hope my readers will tolerate and maybe even enjoy a bit.

This is meant to be a Bible study; an opportunity to learn about Holy Week (the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday), once again hear Jesus’ message, and become better acquainted with the twelve Apostles. Whenever possible, I’ve given scriptural references (sometimes hidden as ‘Social Security’ numbers and such) so that readers can easily find the events I’m referring to in the Bible. Please forgive my bending of the timeline as I regularly reference all four Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (I call them “contributing writers” whose writings were most assuredly NOT available immediately after Holy Week, the crucifixion, and the resurrection!) I found the honesty in their accounts – sharing their mistakes, ignorance, confusion, and wayward behavior – refreshingly insightful and most helpful in “exposing” the seemingly “disorganized” and “ill-planned” mission of Jesus Christ. The fact that these brave men didn’t gloss over their flaws makes their accounts all that more believable to me. Whether you are doing this as an independent study or a group discussion, I intersperse numerous “Editor’s Queries” meant to be study discussion points.

I earnestly pray that those of you spending your valuable time to look at this will feel blessed, educated, and inspired to be a person after God’s own heart. 


Old Testament 101


The Parables of Jesus

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