Susan McGeown

Author, Speaker, & Teacher


I write fiction stories.  Ideas that I make up in my head and then weave together with things I've experienced and stories people have shared with me.

I had many people ask me about Olivia, Elaine's daughter.  They wanted me to get into her head, like I had done with her fictional mother, and tell the story of her life.

Like most of my writing, the story took over and I just held on for the enjoyable ride.



Joining The Club was her mother Elaine’s story …

Embracing The Truth is Olivia’s.


Here I am in psychologist Aileen Burkart’s office.  It’s my very first visit to this therapist.  I’ve dragged myself here out of desperation and as a last resort.  Aileen reminds me a little of Jabba The Hutt sitting in her big throne-like chair as she oozes power and superiority.  I feel like Princess Leia must have felt in the wire mesh bikini with the slave collar chained around her neck.  Yes, I’m here of my own volition, but only just.  Kind of as if you feel yourself sliding off a cliff, and in desperation and panic you grab the vicious looking cactus to save yourself; it hurts like hell but it’s better than the alternative.


This is a story of discovery, of transformation, of acceptance, and of faith.

But most of all, despite Olivia’s best attempts to the contrary, this is a story of love.